Who Can Benefit

older couple

You are in a relationship and find that you and your partner have an ongoing struggle which doesn't seem to resolve. You may not feel heard or seen by your partner - or they by you.  Perhaps your reactivity is out-of-proportion to what's actually going on in the present. It's likely that you and your partner are working on the same or similar childhood wounds, but from an opposite perspective... one of you tends to withdraw and stew, keeping feelings to yourself, while the other tends to explode, wants to resolve things now, can't wait. This is the Minimizer & Maximizer phenomenon. Neither is wrong... you have different styles which you learned early on... your adaptation. In Imago Relationship Therapy, you will learn how to speak to each other and how to listen, understanding your different respective approaches. 

As an individual, you may be experiencing anxiety and depression; a life, relationship or career transition, difficulty at work, retirement and its challenges. You may be wrestling with sexual identity questions, or other issues of identity that may have emerged, such as those for adult adoptees. I work with a broad spectrum of clients, including heterosexual as well as LGBTQ individuals and couples.

You may be "on the fence" about therapy, but if you are already here and are reading this, there is a part of you that wants to make things happen for yourself or your relationship, to create change, to make things better. The idea of therapy can be frightening for many people, but the fact that you are here says that you are willing to consider challenging yourself and exploring what could be. I am happy to offer an initial 15-minute phone consultation with you.

picture of people in group therapy