About Me

ken hollander in antarctica

I am a Nationally Certified and New York State Licensed Psychoanalyst and a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist.  A Hudson Valley resident for the past ten years, I have a sizable NYC practice via Telehealth and see Hudson Valley clients in-person in my Kingston  office. I am also licensed to see Vermont clients via telehealth.

My Gestalt therapy training  taught me to recognize and address the myriad of relationship and personal issues that we all encounter, and ways to work through these to maximize our happiness and life satisfaction. I seek to help clients increase and enhance their awareness of how they live in the world, moment-to-moment, leading to increased insight and new choices.  In my Imago Relationship work, couples learn a new way to communicate with each other, learning to listen, validate and empathize with each other, rather than defending against and attacking each other; the goal is to enhance connection by learning a new and better way to communicate. 

Years in Practice: 5 years
School: Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy, New York
Year Graduated: 2018
License and State: Licensed Psychoanalyst #001048-01, New York

Other Degrees: MBA, American Graduate School of International Management ("Thunderbird")

MA, Romance Languages, City College of New York

My Approach

My presence is both focused and compassionate; I will challenge you to stretch when you are ready and able, but will check in with you first to ensure your comfort and willingness to try something different.

Therapy works best for people when they feel a sense of safety in the therapy environment; I embrace this truth and will be with you in a focused, empathetic and judgment-free way, as we embark together on your important journey of exploration and growth.

For couples, the work is a bit different; while in individual therapy an important goal is to create a relationship of trust between client and therapist, in couples therapy it is the relationship between the partners which must be fostered and developed. The therapist functions more as facilitator, guide and course-corrector for the couple.

Communications can provoke strong emotional reactions. We may be triggered by what we hear, even if the sender's intention was innocent. I will slow things down to ensure each in the couple is listening and empathizing with the other. I use the structured dialogue technique of Imago Relationship Therapy to improve communication within the relationship.