What Client's Are Saying

young couple smiling

Thank God for Kenneth. Our long term marriage was stuck in an uncomfortable companionship (with disappointment and anger barely under the surface). Post Kenneth we truly enjoy each other and our lives are richer and fun again. His kindness, expertise, and patience got us there.

Ken is great to work with. From the beginning he established a welcoming, positive and sympathetic atmosphere that made it easy to talk with him about anything. He has the unique abilities of getting to the heart of the matter quickly, listening without judgment and making relevant suggestions to resolve very personal issues. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my closest friends and family.

Ken is an empathetic and attuned therapist. Through careful listening, he was able to unpack the issues my spouse and I were dealing with, and skillfully guide us to see which of these we could shift and how we might approach those, and which issues we had to acknowledge were not changeable, at least for the time being. He helped us clarify and prioritize our relationship challenges, and provided fresh perspectives on ways forward.

Ken is a great psychoanalyst who knows what he can provide his clients and what he is doing. I appreciate his passion, guidance, and effort.

Ken is empathetic, kind, insightful and a really good listener. He was my therapist for three years, and I can’t overstate how much he helped me heal. He helped me see the patterns I was repeating, like not being kind to myself and seeing myself as unworthy of love and gentleness, something I was taught in childhood. He didn’t let me off the hook when I was slipping, but even then did so with kindness. Ken is an incredible therapist who genuinely loves what he does and cares about his clients. I’d recommend him to anyone who asked!

My husband and I are so grateful for Ken! We credit him for helping us save our marriage. He made us feel comfortable opening up and bringing our issues to light, while giving us the tools to communicate better. We highly recommend him.

Ken Hollander is a great therapist. He is warm and gentle and one gets the impression that he really cares. He asks for feedback and is otherwise very good at communicating practical matters such as payments and scheduling. I have learned a lot from Ken as he is quite knowledgeable in his field and knows of many tools available for successful therapy. I would highly recommend Ken for anyone looking to take a serious approach to their emotional wellbeing.

Ken helped me process through a difficult time with pregnancy loss and processing unresolved issues. He gave me the necessary skills to better be able to handle things on my own. He is a genuine, supportive, and personable therapist. - AS

During a difficult time in our marriage, Ken was able to impart to us the tools necessary to repair our communication skills. We left each session with a profound understanding of one another and of mutual respect. With Ken’s assistance, listening skills and warmth, we have reached a new level of love and happiness. We highly recommend Ken for his depth of knowledge and ability to impart his wisdom. We are deeply appreciative of the caring way in which he guided us through our rocky period. - RK